CD Projekt postpones the premiere of “Cyberpunk”

Cyberpunk-CD Projekt

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The long-awaited game of CD Projekt studio – “Cyberpunk” will not debut on the market on April 16th this year. The video game producer has postponed the premiere of the title by 5 months, to 17 September. Before the announcement of the change of the premiere, the market valuation of CD Projekt was PLN 27bn. However, due to this event, the company’s shares began to lose, reducing its capitalization to PLN 24.5bn.

The premiere of “Cyberpunk” postponed by 5 months

On 16 January this year, CD Projekt President Adam Kiciński announced that the premiere of “Cyberpunk” will be moved from 16 April to 17 September 2020. He motivated his decision by the fact that although the game is de facto complete, there is still a lot of time to be devoted to polishing the game and removing defects. Adam Kiciński also declared that the company will regularly report on the progress of the game preparation. Despite the postponement of the premiere, the company’s management believes that the new deadline is not more competitive than the April deadline.

CD Projekt losses on the stock exchange

In anticipation of the premiere of “Cyberpunk”, the stock market capitalization of the CD Project’s has steadily increased, exceeding the PLN 27bn threshold. However, the decision to postpone the premiere resulted in a drop in the price of the company’s shares even by over 10.5 %. As a result, the market valuation of CD Projekt, immediately after the announcement of the change of the premiere date, fell to the level of PLN 24.5bn. Currently, as of January 20, the company’s capitalization is PLN 25.6bn.

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