Woodpecker.co plans to debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

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Woodpecker.co, a technology startup from Wroclaw and the owner of the ‘smart’ application, is planning to conduct an IPO worth €2.5 million in the near future to prepare the company for its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. This is a result of great interest in the author’s original software for automation of business communication, which has been used in 3,000 companies from 70 countries.


Woodpecker.co is a technology startup based in Wroclaw, launched in 2015. Its founders, Mateusz Tarczynski and Maciej Ciesla, previously worked on an application designed for personal trainers. At the time, they created software in the SaaS model that aimed to reach thousands of trainers through automated communication.

The app project turned out to be unsuccessful, however, the creators discovered potential in software for automating business communications. The idea was invested in by representatives of Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder, who also started the company. After two years, the company reached the break-even point, and last year recorded PLN 10m  in revenue and PLN 0.9m in net profit.


The ‘smart’ application plays the role of a full-time sales assistant, which is responsible, among others, for managing processes, sending personalized content or reminding about the contact with customers. Thanks to the software it is easier to get new partners and maintain continuous relationships with them. Importantly, the application saves about 20 hours of work per week.

In total, 3,000 companies from 70 countries use the company’s services, of which 10% are Polish companies. Clients include Bolt, TransferWise and Gartner. The creators assure that the software is still being developed as clients use it not only for sales, but also for contacting former clients or communicating with journalists.

Additionally, in the near future the company is to carry out an IPO worth €2.5m, and debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange still in the middle of this year.

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