Will Hawe Telekom be under the control of the state?

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Unofficial information provided by ‘Rzeczpospolita’ shows that Hawe Telekom’s fibre optic company will be subject to a double valuation. The value of Hawe Telekom’s network is to be estimated by two state entities – the Institute of Telecommunications of the PIB, supervised by the Ministry of Digitization and Exatel, subordinate to the Ministry of National Defence. Exatel itself is treated as a potential investor for Hawe Telekom, who would like to buy the company’s assets.

100% of Hawe Telekom’s shares belong directly to Mediatel, a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Since 2015, Hawe Telekom has been experiencing liquidity problems and is in the process of restructuring. The biggest creditor of the company is the Industrial Development Agency, which aims to sell the company to the investor. The state seems to be the closest to taking over the revenue in Hawe Telekom.

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