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From 1 July this year, the new CEO of the Liberty Global Group for Eastern Europe will be the President of UPC Polska – Robert Redeleanu. This is related to the resignation from the position of the former CEO – Eric Tveter.

Change in the CEO’s chair of the Liberty Global Group to Eastern Europe

On 17 June this year, the Liberty Global Group announced that from 1 July the CEO for Eastern Europe will be replaced by the president of UPC Polska, Robert Redeleanu, who will take over the duties of Eric Tveter. Recently, Eric Tveter held two positions at the same time: CEO for Eastern Europe and president of the Swiss branch of UPC. Tveter’s departure coincides with the sale of a number of assets he supervised during his term of office. Liberty Global closed the sale of UPC Austria earlier this year and announced the sale of its subsidiaries in Switzerland as well as Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic (the sale of business in these countries is currently pending approval by the relevant European authorities).

Scope of competence of Robert Redelean

Redeleanu joined Liberty Global in 2013 as president of UPC Romania and has since extended his responsibilities to three UPC branches: Hungarian, Romanian and Polish. In his new role, he will lead the company’s operations across Eastern Europe until the expected closing of the Vodafone transaction, and then continue his role in the UPC region of Poland and Slovakia.

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