What do Poles think about AI in the recruitment process?

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Preliminary testing by artificial intelligence of candidates before being invited to an interview was an abstract theory until recently. However, according to the study “Digital career evolution” conducted by Pracuj.pl, Poles would not mind such a solution.

Mostly for yes

Pracuj.pl, a company dealing with comprehensive on- line recruitment, decided to check the attitude of Poles towards the solution involving the use of artificial intelligence in the employee recruitment process. According to its findings, the majority, i.e. as many as 2/3 of respondents have not changed their opinion on the subject, and among this group 21% would be even more inclined towards the whole


This acceptance of AI, may be influenced by the fact that already 9 out of 10 employees use digital solutions when looking for a new job. Of all survey participants, 73% also agreed with the statement that technology will play an increasing role in everyday work in the future. Another 62% that advances in technology will lead to robots and artificial intelligence taking over some of the tasks that belong to humans.

Extra incentive

The Digital career evolution Study also raised an interesting point about the impact of additional positive information on the effectiveness of AI in the recruitment process. To the same research group, the results of a study confirming the accuracy of AI’s selection of matched candidates were presented. The percentage of the group that was initially averse to AI in the recruitment process dropped from 36% to 26%. However, the group with a neutral attitude (46%) and those whose motivation increased (29%) increased.


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