The pandemic has changed shopping habits


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The previous year and the beginning of this year were definitely a difficult period in which activities related to the sale and distribution of products for entrepreneurs were a real challenge. However, there is a space in which the Covid-19 pandemic even encouraged not only entrepreneurs but also customers to act – the Internet

E-commerce in the computer and electronics category is growing

The year 2020 saw a definite increase in the number of people choosing to shop online, including for computer hardware and electronics. According to Shoper’s survey in this segment, the number who are significantly more likely to buy online has increased by more than a fifth (21.7%). At the same time, 53% believe that when it comes to buying IT equipment, they order as often as they did before the pandemic. Only 10.2% buy computers and electronics less frequently.

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Undoubtedly, the period of restrictions has also translated into consumer preferences. Sophos research shows that more customers are choosing to purchase electronics and computers online than at stationary outlets. In September 2020, this was 24.6% and 12.3% respectively. More than a quarter of respondents (26.2%) have made a purchase from both an online store and a stationary outlet. The remaining 37% did not purchase a product in this segment.

Price is a major selection factor

As in previous years, the price remains the most important criterion for selecting individual products and choosing where to make the purchase. 86% of respondents think so. In second place are free delivery (61%) and convenient payment methods, delivery and friendly return policies (41%).  According to the latest Shoper report, in September 2020 there were 37% more online stores than in the same period a year ago.

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