Warsaw the slowest 5G capital in the world


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The international company Ookla, owner of speedtest.net, decided to check the quality of 5G network connection in the world’s largest capitals. Warsaw in the published report is among the slowest cities, where the median speed in the first and second quarter of 2021 was 80.18 Mbps. In this respect, the Polish capital is the fourth slowest place in the world.

The world’s slowest 5G capitals

The worst result belongs to the city of Capetown in South Africa, where the median 5G speed during the analyzed period was 53.33 Mb/s. By nearly 10 Mbps higher result was achieved by the capital Brasilia in Brazil (62.18 Mb/s). Behind Warsaw there was only the city in Puerto Rico, Juan, which obtained a result of 72.59 Mb/s.

Other cities where the median 5G speed is below 150 Mbps are : Singapore (111.20 Mb/s), Manila (112.23 Mb/s), Prague (116.30 Mb/s), Budapest (137.54 Mb/s), Amsterdam (139.75 Mb/s), Zagreb (140.92 Mb/s), Vienna (144.93 Mb/s), Jerusalem (145.17 Mb/s) Berlin (148.16 Mb/s).

Oslo leads the ranking

The leader of the ranking is Oslo, the capital of Norway, with the result of 526.74 MB/s. This city is also the only center that in the published report achieved a result above 500 MB/s. In the top three there are also Seoul in Korea (467.84 Mb/s) and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (421.26 Mb/s).

The next capitals in the ranking are: Doha (413.40 Mb/s), Stockholm (401.30 Mb/s), Riyadh (384.66 Mb/s), Kuwait (338.97 Mb/s), Muscat (318.95 Mb/s), Beijing (291.19 Mb/s), Taipei (287.86 Mb/s) Helsinki, (279.59 Mb/s), Sofia (260.55 Mb/s) Canberra (258.39 Mb/s), Bangkok, (253.73 Mb/s) Manama (249.71 Mb/s) Dublin (223.01 Mb/s), Luxembourg (209.98 Mb/s) Paris (208.48 Mb/s) and Bucharest (203.44 Mb/s.).

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