VMware: Remote working is no longer a benefit but a duty

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Since the outbreak of the pandemic, most employers and employees have made every effort to ensure the full functioning of the organization at the z level before the restrictions were introduced. However, a recent Vmware survey found that the percentage of employees who consider remote working a requirement rather than an additional benefit has increased by 41%.

New approach

Undoubtedly, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the traditional model of functioning of many organizations around the world, and the transition from a stationary to remote mode for employees does not always mean additional benefits. From the latest study ,,The New Remote Work Era: VMware’s “Trends in the Distributed Workforce” shows that for 41% of respondents in the EMEA region, remote working is considered an additional requirement. This is particularly true for Generation X, where growth was 53%. On the other hand, from the point of view of management positions, the biggest problem (41%) related to remote working is that teams of employees will not meet their obligations.

Vmware’s survey also covered Poland. For more than 80% of the respondents, until recently, the opportunity to work remotely in their organization was used less than it turned out to be possible. Poles also see the positive aspects of the current situation. More than three quarters of the respondents believe that their work-life balance has improved thanks to remote working. On the other hand, 61% of the respondents claim that the possibility to work remotely gave them a better chance to speak during video conferences than during meetings during stationary work. Half of the respondents also think they have adapted well to remote working. Compared to other countries, Poland is doing well in coping with stress in the current situation. Only 27% of respondents in Poland, compared to 32% in the EMEA region, believe that they feel more pressure to switch to remote working.

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Remote management

IT is no longer considered an inhibiting factor for dispersed work environments where it is standard to be able to work from the head office or local office, as well as from home, other locations or even “on the move”. Only one third (33%) of those surveyed believe that their IT is not adapted to manage a remote workforce.

Report “The New Remote Work Era: Trends in the Distributed Workforce” is based on a survey, sponsored by VMware, conducted among 2850 respondents from the EMEA region. Of the 12 countries surveyed, 150 respondents came from Poland.

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