Vectra is the next operator with OTT


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At the beginning of October Vectra launched smart TV service in OTT mode, i.e. TV via Internet. The new service is equipped with a decoder with Google Android TV, on which you can install any application.

New opportunities

With the beginning of the autumn season Vectra launched a new product, TV Smart, which is equipped with a TV set with Android TV service. The new option is to use a broadband connection provided by any Internet provider to access TV services. Vectra is also the first cable TV operator in Poland and one of the few in Europe to provide its customers with 4K set-top boxes based on Android TV. In addition, Vectra provides a multi-room service for regular customers.

As the operator himself states, the OTT service is available in three price variants ranging from 20 to 35 PLN per month. The regulations also provide for an additional 20 PLN for “Access to Television in Smart TV technology”, but we do not yet know whether this fee is obligatory. The operator has not yet presented the content of the program package included in the new offer. The only information provided is that the new package will include from 11 to 54 TV channels and an additional 3-month subscription for HBO GO and Tidal. The new decoder also offers access to thousands of applications available on Google Play.

Vectra with OTT after Play and Cyfrowy Polsat

With the development of technology, Internet television is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the Internet. Vectra is the third Polish operator providing OTT services to customers after Play and Cyfrowy Polsat, but it is only a matter of time when other players will launch TV services for reception on the public Internet.

The year 2020 is a milestone for the Vectra Group. We are currently the largest cable TV operator in Poland. We also realize our ambitions in the area of services provided – since 1 October this year, as the first cable operator in Poland and one of the few in Europe, we offer our customers a 4K decoder based on Android TV. In this way we have combined the world of traditional television with the world of the Internet, rich in multimedia content. An expression of how we are changing and how we want to be in the future is our new logo. Listening to the voice of our customers, we want to create together comfortable and easy to use solutions with access to attractive content and entertainment, not only at home, but also outside the home – wherever the Internet is”. – summarizes Tomasz Żurański, President of the Board of Vectra S.A.

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