Vantage Data Centers begins construction of campuses in Warsaw and Berlin


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Vantage Data Centers (VDC), as announced in 2020, has officially started work on the launch of two data center campuses located in Europe. New centers with an area of 39 thousand sq meters and 24 thousand sq meters will be located in Warsaw and Berlin, respectively.

Construction starts in Warsaw…

The first phase of construction of a data center facility in Warsaw has begun, with completion scheduled for early 2022. Ultimately, the Vantage Data Centers investment will cover an area of 39 thousand square meters, consisting of two facilities. The first of them (WAW1) will have the power of 16 MW, and the second – 32 MW. According to discussions with VDC representatives in 2020, the first phase was to launch the 8MW module in 2021, with further expansion to depend on real customer demand. You can read more about this in our earlier article.

Currently, Vantage Data Centers informs that the new facilities are to use renewable energy and be equipped with cooling with recuperation of air. It will also provide customers with solutions for electric vehicle charging stations, the possibility of any configuration of office space, as well as safe storage of items, as well as conference and networking rooms.

…and Berlin

At the same time, along with the start of construction of the campus in Warsaw, also the investment in Berlin begins. Ultimately the Berlin Data Center Campus will cover an area of 24 thousand square meters, where two facilities with a capacity of 16 MW each will be built. However, the first phase, whose finalization is scheduled for early 2022, will include 8 MW of IT power.

During the investment Vantage Data Centers, put a strong emphasis on the ecological aspect, in which it wants to guarantee its customers the use of renewable energy sources. The facility will be equipped with a cooling system with heat recovery, powered by photovoltaic panels. Additionally, the campus will have charging stations for electric vehicles, as well as a system for draining rainwater into local watercourses.

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