UPC digital services also on Tauron infrastructure

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UPC Poland expands the range of digital services on Tauron infrastructure. Thus, the operator’s coverage will reach another 100 thousand households located in three provinces in Poland.

Investments in optical fiber

UPC Poland has concluded a new agreement which will enable it to reach customers on the Tauron network built under POPC competitions. Thus, the operator’s digital services will cover more than 100,000 households in 132 communes in the provinces of Lower Silesia, Silesia and Lesser Poland. UPC also provides services on the infrastructure of Orange, Nexera and Fiberhost

Thus, Tauron is consistently implementing its plans announced in April 2021, in which it announced the provision of services in the wholesale model. By October this year, it had already concluded such agreements with 35 telecom operators. Tauron Group at this time also reported on the progress of work under the POPC program. Up to now, the company has managed to realize 75% of the assumed plan. This means that the group has already built 4,214 km of network, which will enable the coverage of more than 200,000 households.

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