UPC changes the offer, including its prices

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UPC Poland will increase the quality of its internet services, but the change will also involve an increase in the price of services. The modifications to the service catalog will be effective from 1 February 2022, and the cost of the subscription may increase by PLN 8.

Internet up to 750 Mbps.

UPC Poland in its activities focuses on the development of the services provided. According to the operator, one of the main manifestations of such actions is to provide the highest possible bandwidth of the Internet connection. Therefore, subscribers of UPC Poland from February 1, 2022 will gain the opportunity to accelerate their service to up to 750 Mbps. Information about the planned modifications to the service catalog has been communicated via e-mail and SMS.

However, the change in Internet bandwidth is also associated with a change in the price of the service. UPC informs that the subscription will increase by 8 PLN. Subscribers who do not want to take advantage of the offer can declare resignation until the end of January 2022. The users who do not take any actions will be able to test the increased internet speed for 6 months. During this time they can decide whether they want to continue using the new service or return to the previous one. Of course, UPC assures that all costs will be returned in case of resignation.

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