UKE unveils plan for next year, including long-awaited 5G auction

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The allocation of frequencies from the 3.6 GHz band under for the deployment of 5G networks is again in the objectives of the Urząd Komunikacji Elektronicznej for next year. In 2022. UKE also intends to take steps to increase the availability of telecommunications services, which will result in over 70% of households having access to the Internet with a minimum throughput of 100 Mbps.

Delayed 5G Auction

The auction of 5G band in Poland will be carried out in 2022, such plans have been presented at least by the Urząd Komunikacji Elektronicznej. The initial deadline for conducting the allocation of the relevant frequencies was prevented by the COVID-19 pandemic, later the National Cyber Security System Act proved to be a barrier. However, all indications are that this time it will take place without a hitch. In the plans for 2022. UKE include activities related to the completion of a selection procedure, which will then allow for the issuance of appropriate reservation decisions.

UKE also intends to actively develop telecommunications infrastructure, which will primarily contribute to improving the quality of Internet services. In 2022, according to UKE’s assumptions, more than 70% of households in Poland will be able to use a connection with a minimum capacity of 100 Mb/s, with the possibility of increasing it to the capacity measured in gigabits.

Among the objectives for 2022 UKE also mentions increased control over the quality of services, built thanks to the competitions of the Operational Programme Digital Poland, implemented in 2014 – 2020. The controls will concern, among others, meeting the minimum quality parameters in NGA networks. In 2022. UKE will carry out 96 such tests, 24 per quarter. UKE also wants to provide training for 7,000 consumers on Internet safety.

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