UKE: One in five SMS comes from a machine

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The Office of Electronic Communications, as the regulator of the Polish telecommunications market, drew attention to the so-called SMS A2P (application-to-person), which in 2020 accounted for nearly 20% of all SMS messages sent in Poland. Ordinary consumers are also aware of this. According to the survey, already half of the respondents (48%) encountered the automatic notification service.

48% of Poles receive A2P SMS messages

A2P SMS messages are nothing more than messages delivered to recipients by means of IT systems and applications. Their main advantage is that they do not require the recipient to access the Internet, which, as UKE justifies, is particularly important in the case of people who do not have access to it on a mobile phone.

Only in 2020, 48% of Poles had contact with this type of message, of which 88% received it positively (sum of positive and rather positive responses). 82% of respondents indicate that A2P SMS messages are most common in the case of messages from operators (82%), RCB alerts (67%), postal / courier notifications (63%), financial confirmations (51%), marketing information (45% ), service confirmations (41%) as well as promotional (33%) and information materials (28%).

Telecommunications operators vs. Integrators

In the case of A2P SMS senders, we can distinguish two entities – telecommunications operators and the so-called service integrators. According to UKE, the latter play an increasingly important role in this market. The total number of application messages sent by integrators was almost 3.8 billion in 2020, and revenues from such services amounted to PLN 239.7 million.

However, in terms of messages sent, the market belongs to telecom operators. 4 MNOs in Poland sent nearly 7.5 billion A2P SMS in 2020, the total revenue from the provision of these services amounted to approximately PLN 337.3 million. UKE also notes that the cumulative annual growth rate for A2P SMS volume between 2016 and 2020 was 23.9%. In comparison, the same indicator for the number of SMS sent in the country on MNO networks was -5.3%.

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