UKE has planned a budget for 2022.

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PLN 4.8 billion – this is the budget initially adopted by the Office of Electronic Communications for 2022. UKE’s plans for next year include the allocation of radio frequencies and the long-announced 5G auction.

PLN 4.1 billion from radio frequencies

The main focus for the coming year is expected to be the allocation of radio frequencies, from which UKE estimates that revenues will reach PLN 4.1 billion (85% of all revenues). The process will first involve the allocation procedure for the 5 MHz block of the 800 MHz band, which in previous years had been reserved by Sferia. However, the Polsat Plus Group entity has not decided to extend the reservation. UKE expects the proceeds to reach PLN 914 million.

Next year is also an extension of the validity of contracts for Aero2 and P4. The first operator uses frequencies in the 1800 MHz band, and the owner of the Play network in the 2100 MHz band. Both agreements will bring UKE revenues of PLN 1.3 billion.

In the field of radio frequencies, UKE envisages extending the contracts for the 2100 MHz band in 2022. Other funds obtained by the regulator of the telecommunications market to the state treasury include: other fees for the use of radio frequencies, UMTS network licenses and fees for assigning a telephone number. Together with other sources, they will bring about PLN 700 million next year.

The long-awaited 5G auction

Everything indicates that in 2022 the long-awaited 5G auction will finally take place, covering the frequencies of the 3.6 GHz band. As a reminder, this target was entered by UKE for 2021. In the case of revenues, the office does not envisage any changes in relation to the structure of auctions from previous years.

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