UKE: 5G network more common than 4G in 2025


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5G and related devices supporting the next generation network in 2025 will become more common than devices supporting 4G. Such conclusions follow from the UKE report “Report on the state of the telecommunications market 2020”.

66% of devices with 5G access

According to the report of the Office of Electronic Communications, the trend of growth in the 5G segment and decline in 4G will continue in the coming years. The breakthrough year will be 2025, when the penetration rate of dedicated devices with access to the fifth generation mobile link in Poland will exceed that of the earlier 4G technology. Moreover, according to UKE, by that time already two thirds of all available solutions on the market in Poland will enable the use of 5G.

In the forecast period, Poland is slightly below the European Union average. According to UKE data, by 2025 the share of 5G technology in the number of mobile lines in the EU will reach 71.3%, compared to 66% in Poland.

Poland is the leader in terms of mobile internet penetration

However, despite a smaller share of 5G technology, Poland is the clear leader in the EU in terms of mobile Internet penetration. In 2020 this indicator was as high as 190.3% and was 29.8% higher than Estonia, second in this ranking. Finland completes the podium with penetration at the level of 155.5%.

In 2020, a total of 5.1 million TB of data was transferred in Poland, of which private users are responsible for 3.7 million TB. On the other hand, according to the breakdown by technology, 2.3 million TB were transferred via 4G and 2.7 million TB via a link other than 4G.

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