The value of Polish ICT exports is already PLN 37 billion


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According to the Polish Development Fund, Polish IT and telecommunications companies sold solutions worth a total of PLN 37 billion abroad in 2020. The Polish sector was also recognized in the World Digital Competitiveness Ranking, in which it took 32nd place.

Twice the value of Polish ICT exports

The year 2020 turned out to be another good year for Polish ICT companies, with the value of exports reaching a record PLN 37 billion. Two years earlier, according to the Central Statistical Office, the sales of ICT services were two times lower and amounted to PLN 18.3 billion. What may give reasons for optimism is that foreign companies begin to order more and more complex solutions in our country, and Poland is perceived as a region with great potential for the development of new projects.

“In recent years, Poland has been perceived as a place where you can not only outsource programming services, but also purchase them relatively cheaply while maintaining their optimal quality. However, the perception of the country as a ‘digital assembly plant’ is starting to change, mainly due to the increasing quality of services and their comprehensiveness. We have also been implementing consulting projects for foreign companies and institutions for some time. The change is clear, ”comments Łukasz Nowakowski, CFO Boldare.

32nd place in the global ranking

Poland’s position is also appreciated by Wojciech Stramski, CEO of, who emphasizes the importance of the ongoing energy transformation – currently one of the biggest problems for the traditional FLAP markets (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris). Poland’s strategic location and telecommunications investments carried out in recent years also speak in favor of the country.

In IMD’s World Digital Competitiveness Ranking, which compares countries in terms of their adoption of digital technologies and their readiness to explore new applications of technology, Poland is ranked 32nd. The share of the ICT sector in GDP is about 8% and is still growing, which gives us 9th place in the European Union.

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