The president signed the Open Data Act

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August 24, 2021. Polish President Andrzej Duda signed the Open Data and Reuse of Public Sector Information Act. This means that with the entry into force of the new regulations, even more data will be able to be used for analysis, research or for the purposes of artificial intelligence solutions, including for business and industry, or crisis modeling. The new regulations will take effect 3 months after being published in the Official Gazette.

New opportunities

As the official government website reads, the solutions are mainly aimed at strengthening the data-driven market and making greater use of the potential of public sector information for the benefit of the economy’s innovation and society’s quality of life. All these effects are to be achieved through the transfer of more and more data by the previously mentioned public sector. The data is expected to cover such areas as economics, finance, mobility and meteorological data.

In addition to improving economic innovation and quality of life, the new law will provide users with access to valuable information resources made available through application programming interfaces (APIs) and in machine-readable formats. This way of distributing data will enable it to be used more efficiently, which will be especially important for professional users (e.g. developers, IT companies, NGOs). It also means more data for analysis, research or for artificial intelligence solutions.

Adapt the rules

The Open Data Act is also an adaptation of Polish regulations to European Union law, which distinguishes new categories of public sector information. These include high-value data, the use of which is associated with significant benefits for society, the environment and the economy, and dynamic data, i.e. data that is subject to frequent updates or real-time updates (e.g. environmental data, data generated by sensors, traffic data).

At the same time, specific requirements were introduced for making such information available for reuse and the scope of reuse was broadened to include some research data under the Act.

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