The pandemic has exacerbated the problem in the ICT labor market

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The number of job advertisements in the ICT sector nearly doubled in 2021, according to an Experis analysis. However, the industry still faces a talent shortage, and according to employers, ICT workers are considered one of the most difficult job groups to recruit.

Lack of IT professionals may be holding back digital transformation

2021 was a continuation of the accelerated digital transformation of many enterprises in Poland. This translated into a record number of job offers in the ICT sector. According to Experis, their number in the previous year could have reached approx. 231 thousand, almost twice as much as in 2020. Also analyzing the number of advertisements by month, it can be seen that the number of published job offers in Q4 2021 was almost twice as high as in Q1 of the same year.

The problem with the shortage of ICT workers has already appeared in previous years, but only the pandemic showed how the demand exceeds the supply on the market. According to Experis, it was in 2021 that employers reported a record shortage of talent, and IT employees reported the group as the most difficult to recruit.

Main areas of search

Employers are particularly looking for cyber security and Big Data professionals. The preference of sought-after skills in the market has also been influenced by the spread of remote work, and therefore cloud computing technologies. Experis lists here such specialties as cloud engineer, cloud architect or cloud administrator.

,,In the last twelve months, there were also many job offers for front-end and back-end developers, network engineers and people in analyst system positions. There is no indication that this trend will change in 2022 ”. – adds Agnieszka Grzybowska, IT recruitment manager at Experis.

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