The pandemic does not discourage investment


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According to Antal, the pandemic has not negatively affected the willingness of companies in Poland to invest in new solutions. Interestingly, in its opinion, the percentage of companies declaring their willingness to make such investments is higher than in the previous survey conducted in 2019.

Key investment areas

According to the ,,Business Environment Assessment Study (BEAS)”, although the widespread lockdown has hit the foundations for the development of companies in Poland, the pandemic does not discourage them from new investments. Currently, as many as 91% of companies in Poland declare their willingness to increase spending on new solutions, 8% more than in 2019. The main areas of investment for 2021-2022 are dominated by product/service development (57%), new technologies (54%) and investment in human capital (51%).

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Last on the list, with the result of 13%, were investments concerning the geographical development of the company.  In the survey, organization representatives were also asked to indicate the regions in which they were most likely to make such investments. Among the main cities were: Wrocław (28%), Warsaw (24%), Kraków (20%) and Katowice (19%).

IT invests in human capital – not only in technology

Pandemic means mainly investment in new technologies, which in this difficult period, facilitate the functioning of many organizations. However, according to Antal, without IT and digital competences it is increasingly difficult to imagine the functioning and development of the economy. That is why companies from the IT sector are most willing to invest in the development of their employees. This is confirmed by two-thirds of the surveyed companies in Poland (62%).

Activities in the IT sector related to human capital will focus on two areas. Firstly, hiring new employees to supplement the existing structure of the company, and secondly, retaining existing employees. There is a lot of competition on the market, which makes companies increase their efforts to ensure good working conditions for these current employees.

The Business Environment Assessment Study was conducted by CAWI among the heads of 809 companies in Poland in Q4 2020.

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