The number of self-employed in the IT industry is growing

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According to recent market analyzes, the number of self-employed people in the IT industry is growing dynamically in Poland. The trend is driven by several factors, including lack of IT specialists, the growing number of such orders and earnings of several thousand.

75% of IT orders targeted at the self-employed

In Poland, there is a growing trend in which IT professionals are starting to run sole proprietorships. According to an analysis conducted by No Fluff Jobs, the phenomenon has been observed for six years, with an average growth rate of 13.5%, which translates into more than 112 thousand actively operating entities in 2020. The market is not blind to this. Already approx. 75% of job offers are directed precisely to IT specialists running a sole proprietorship.

No Fluff Jobs especially emphasizes the importance of work experience. Mostly people with more years of work decide to be self-employed. Among this group, the model of cooperation on the basis of B2B contract (87%) and employment contract (36%) dominates. In the case of groups with less experience, the employment contract plays an increasingly important role. For those with intermediate seniority it is B2B 66% and employment contract 60%, and for beginners 45% and 72% respectively.

What may attract to run a one-person business in the IT area is the salary.  According to No Fluff Jobs, this year beginners can expect to earn between 4 and 7 thousand net, people with average experience between 9 and 14 thousand net, and experts between 16 and 21 thousand net.

Warsaw and Krakow

According to Dun & Brandstreet, the software activities are the most popular. In 2020, they accounted for nearly 68% of all active entities. IT consulting services were ranked second (19%), and the podium was completed by companies specializing in IT technologies (6%).

Nearly one third (30%) of one-person IT businesses originate from the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. They are followed by Małopolska (11%) and Dolnośląskie (10%). Not surprisingly, they are concentrated in the largest cities. Over 19 thousand self-employed are active in Warsaw, 6.1 thousand in Cracow and 6.5 thousand in Wrocław.

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