The first ALFA-CRP alert stage in Poland

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In connection with the IGF 2021 – Digital Summit taking place in Poland, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has declared the first alert level ALFA-CRP. The guidelines outline the actions required to strengthen cybersecurity measures, which apply nationwide.

IGF 2021 – Digital Summit

From 5 to 10 December 2021, the first ALFA-CRP alert level applies throughout the country. The procedure concerns the determination of actions necessary to maintain security in cyberspace. The ALFA-CRP level is the lowest of the four alert levels defined in the Anti-Terrorism Act. It is particularly applicable to the operating procedures of the most important units responsible for digital security of the public administration. This includes increased monitoring of the security status of ICT systems, which verify whether the security of electronic communications has been breached, reads a statement from the Government Security Center.

The first alert level ALFA-CRP was introduced due to the IGF 2021 – Digital Summit taking place in Katowice, Poland. It is an event that brings together representatives of the public, private and academic sectors to discuss the opportunities and challenges of today’s digital world. The summit develops possible solutions to fully exploit the potential of technology in various economic and social areas.

The ALFA and ALFA-CRP alert level was also implemented in Poland during U.S. President Donald Trump’s 2019 visit.

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