The e-Tax Office is launched


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The Ministry of Finance and the National Tax Administration have announced the launch of an online e-Tax Office. The new portal is to guarantee the possibility of dealing with tax matters without having to leave home.

Above all convenience

The e-Tax Office is a project aimed at taxpayers that officially launched on February 1, 2021.  Through the platform, selected groups will gain the ability to handle tax matters without having to visit a tax office, post office or bank. The Ministry of Finance emphasizes that the available services on the platform will be made available in stages, and the work on its development is expected to be completed by the end of September 2022. Currently, the e-office can be used by taxpayers, payers, attorneys, bailiffs and notaries. However, similarly to the availability of services, other groups will be added in the time perspective. The cost of the entire project is nearly PLN 102 million, including the EU subsidy of ca. PLN 86 million.

With the launch of e-Fiscal Office, taxpayers have gained the opportunity to conveniently and comprehensively handle tax matters, for which an electronic signature is not required. The platform contains data from various KAS systems, thanks to which we will gain access to current information on the status of settlements, the status of cases and submitted documents. In addition, each tax will be able to be paid directly in the system.

Available services

Initially, i.e. from February 1, 2021, the e-Tax Office will offer the following features: Access to one’s tax data, Integration with Your e-PIT service, Information about fines imposed, Access to e-microfirma application, Possibility of online payment, Possibility of electronic submission of certain letters.

In further stages, it is planned to provide: e-certificate, integration with e-TOLL service, services for notaries and bailiffs, services concerning, among others, submitting applications and providing information on the status of cases.

Access to the e-Tax Office service will be possible only from the website after logging in with a Trusted Profile, e-Verify or through e-banking. It will also be possible to log in to the Twój e-PIT service using tax data.

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