The development of Artificial Intelligence during Covid-19 pandemic


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Artificial Intelligence helps in the fight with the coronavirus pandemic, but also reveals its inadequacies that need to be fixed. The last few months have shown AI’s dormant potential, which can be developed as well as used in business.

AI technology in the fight with the coronavirus pandemic

According to the available market data and expert opinions, Artificial Intelligence made a contribution to the fight with the pandemic, especially in the field of vaccine research. If it hadn’t been for cloud, mobile and AI technologies, diagnosis and search for the vaccine wouldn’t progress that fast.

AI is mainly a mathematical model which is based on data from the past, which doesn’t now fully allow to exploit all the immanent potential of AI to wage a struggle with the pandemic, due to the lack of data for AI to learn on. At this stage, AI helps with identifying patterns as well as infections and their spread in groups of people. This kind of data allows quicker operation in the event of the next pandemic.

Speeding up the changes in technology and business, also thanks to AI

The pandemic will definitely impact adoption of cloud computing and the development of devices of remote work in B2B segment. It is safe to say that the AI technologies, such as robots, chatbots, changing words into commands, or even process automation will also become commonplace.

Present development of new technologies will contribute to complete changes in business. New business models are created, such as freemium which offers a whole application or service for free, and then conducts a behavior analysis to prompt the user to pay extra for additional services.

A fundamental change will undoubtedly occur thanks to the implementation of 5G. However, with the appearance of new technologies, malfeasance might occur also. This can lead to an increase of intrusions into the network and human errors, which AI might perceive as a correct pattern. Unfortunately there is no developed technique to deal with these kinds of problems for now.

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