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Tauron Group plans to launch an offer of a fiber-optic network that was built with the support of EU funds under the “Digital Poland” program. According to the group, the first 7 thousand pilot addresses are to be launched as early as May 2021. At the same time it emphasizes that Tauron is only going to become a wholesaler of telecommunication services, and does not plan to sell retail services.

First rehearsals as early as May this year

Tauron has announced the progress of work on the construction of a newly built FTTH network. It follows that the group wants to start providing telecommunications services as early as Q2 2021. The first pilot trials are to take place in May, in which it is planned to connect 7 thousand addresses. As emphasized by Krzysztof Krywko, Director of the Telecommunications Business Services Center in Tauron Obsługa Klienta, the group is to decide within the next quarter on the connection of another pool of addresses for operators.

“In the second quarter of 2021, we will begin providing telecommunications services to businesses. We have many years of experience in telecommunications business, having provided services to telecom operators so far. We have a modern telecommunications network, a secure data center and points of contact with the largest telecommunications operators, so we decided to expand our operations to include services for business,” added Leszek Chwalik, vice president for CUW IT at Tauron Obsługa Klienta.

No retail plans

Ultimately, the end of the telecommunications project, built under the “Digital Poland” program, is planned for the end of 2022. It is planned to create an optical network up to 102 thousand. of households in three voivodships: Śląskie, Dolnośląskie and Małopolskie. The Tauron Group, already in February this year. revealed that at the end of 2020, it had built 2,604 km of lines and 145 access nodes. This is 51% and 85% of the planned investment respectively. However, as Tauron pointed out, the group does not intend to sell retail services – despite the large potential. The group will be responsible only for the sale of wholesale services to its partners.

We are planning to implement the first functionalities of the platform by the end of this year and the API communicating with other operators’ systems in 2022. (…) Tauron Group does not expect to sell retail services” – adds Krzysztof Krywko.

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