Tauron and Microsoft in the Smart City project

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Tauron and Microsoft have signed another agreement to cooperate in the area of energy and digital transformation. The first pilot city for the “Smart City” project will be Wroclaw, but as the authors emphasize, the project will serve to create a universal operating system for the city, which in the future will be used in other locations in Poland.

Smart City

According to information released by Tauron, the cooperation will mainly consist in providing services that will serve residents in their daily lives. The first implementations are expected to include traffic improvement tools, safety and environmental solutions, as well as access to information on air quality and free parking spaces within the city.

“In Wrocław we will test the implementation of services useful in everyday life, thanks to which, among other things, it will be possible to move around the city in a more comfortable and safer way”. – assessed Krzysztof Surma, Vice President of the Management Board for Finance of Tauron.

Tools from Microsoft

To carry out the tasks of Smart City, tools provided by Microsoft will be used, including the Microsoft Azure platform and Power BI tools. They will find their application especially in case of data analysis, which will be provided by energy meters, air quality sensors or even city cameras. Then, thanks to solutions using artificial intelligence, they will be used for visualization and building predictive models.

Tauron with the support of Microsoft cloud will create an environment that will provide the city with better services or completely new solutions, improving the comfort of life and safety of residents. As part of the cooperation, a Competence Center is also to be established, where Microsoft will conduct a series of workshops for Tauron employees.

“For the first time there is a situation, where synergy of modern information technologies with projects in the area of energy, environment, mobility and management result in concrete solutions for improvement of living standards of the inhabitants and sustainable development”. – said Ewa Drozd, board member at the Polish branch of Microsoft.

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