Tauron and Lotos as an example for the energy sector in the field of cloud computing adoption


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The energy sector in Poland, for a long time now, requires fundamental changes in the process of adopting digital solutions, especially regarding the cloud. Only a few companies in this area take any action to improve their position in the changing world. An example here may be the attempts made by Polish energy sector leaders, such as Tauron and Lotos. However, as the data show, only every third entrepreneur from the utilities sector in Poland uses this type of solutions. The problem here is not only internal decisions of companies, but complicated and multidimensional legal procedures, which for most entities constitute an insurmountable barrier. Companies are also afraid of high investment costs and data security.

Tauron with services from Microsoft

One of the leaders in the energy industry, not only in terms of services, but also in the use of cloud computing is Tauron. The company has been systematically investing in solutions that help it meet the current challenges. Recently the company has implemented services provided by Microsoft, which provide its 15 thousand employees with access to Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Teams. The investment also included the Power Platform tool, which allows building applications tailored specifically to the needs of Tauron. It is thanks to it that such solutions as “crisis communication” and the prototype of “transformer substation inspection” were created.

Microsoft 365 is not everything. The agreement between the companies also assumes access to computing resources. They may prove to be useful especially in emergency situations. In addition, thanks to the cloud Tauron can forecast the consumption and demand for specific services, forecast the prices of raw materials, conduct R&D studies related to big data analysis and matrix calculations.

Lotos also with tools from Microsoft

Cloud computing is also important for Lotos. The company, like Tauron, decided to use solutions from Microsoft. In its case, however, security proved to be important. To this end, Lotos has implemented the Azure Information Protection service, which provides a system for secure labeling and monitoring of documents, which then allows encryption and document management.

Among significant events in the field of digital transformation, Lotos implemented a project called “digital desktop”, which included partial migration of functionality to the cloud. This solution became important from the point of view of the Covid-19 pandemic. The project enabled all employees to access the company’s system from any place in the world. As a result, the corporation not only streamlined processes within the company, but also improved the quality of service, security and management.

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