T-Mobile testing 5G Stand Alone


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T-mobile Poland has begun testing the 5G Stand Alone network, operating on independent 2600 MHz frequencies. The test of the new quality is more than just a verification of lightning fast download speeds or very low latency. The operator wants to test new possibilities that will benefit both individual and business customers.

The next stage of 5G technology development

5G Stand Alone will operate on 2600 MHz frequencies. What will distinguish the new network is its independent operation from other technologies – the band will belong only to the 5G network. For this purpose, the operator will use the environment located in Łódź and commercial base stations in Zambrów and Halinów provided by the company’s current suppliers.

All this is expected to translate into very low latency and stable data speeds, which are particularly important in the management of production systems, in autonomous solutions, but also for ordinary individual customers. 5G Stand Alone will also enable T-mobile customers to make voice calls in the 5G network (VoNR).

“Currently, there are no commercially available 5G SA solutions on the market yet, so we want to take advantage of all the opportunities that come our way to conduct tests with different vendors. Knowledge gained in this way will allow us to better define our expectations towards vendors and prepare our network for 5G SA implementation” – concludes Petri Pehkonen, Member of the Management, Director of Technology and Innovation.

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