T-Mobile last test before complete 3G network shutdown

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T-Mobile Poland presented plans to close 3G base stations in Ostrowiec, Starachowice and Opatów poviats. As emphasized by the operator, it will be a test to prepare for the mass shutdown of 3G networks in the entire commercial T-Mobile network.

LTE and 5G networks already account for 97% of data transferred in T-Mobile

T-Mobile justifies its decision primarily by the low importance of the 3G network. The operator’s data shows that LTE and 5G technologies are already responsible for 97% of all data sent by customers, and the 3G network and its bandwidth are practically unused by it. Moreover, according to T-Mobile, freeing the 900 MHz band for newer technologies may increase the data transfer speed by over 10%.

The test of the complete switch-off of 3G technology will be carried out at 56 base stations in the Ostrowiec, Starachowice and Opatów poviats. The operator does not provide the exact date of completion of the process, but in October 2021, during the process of disabling the 3G network in the 2100 MHz band, the operator revealed that it will most likely take place in 2023.

T-Mobile is aware that these decisions also influence the decisions of consumers. However, the operator ensures that for over a year all new phone models offered to customers by T ‑ Mobile support both LTE and VoLTE. In turn, customers who have SIM cards older than 7 years can replace them for free in T-Mobile stores and stores.

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