T-mobile frees up frequencies for 5G network

5G - stacja

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On the first of October 2021. T-Mobile Poland has completed the process of switching off the 3G network in the 2100 MHz band, thus freeing it up for the 5G network. As the operator points out, this change will have a real impact on the speed and quality of services provided by LTE/5G technologies.

Low importance of 3G technology

The shutdown of 3G networks on the 2100 MHz bands is the implementation of T-mobile plans, announced back in 2020. The decision was made with a view to improving the services provided, especially in 5G technology. As the operator emphasizes, the release of the band will affect the capacity of the network and the average data transfer speeds. At the same time, T-mobile points out that service based on the 3G network has been consistently declining for several years, thus decreasing customer demand for the use of third-generation networks.

“Optimal use of available frequencies is key to providing customers with the expected quality of service. The implementation of this project allowed us not only to maintain and even increase the average speeds achieved by customers, and this despite the constantly growing demand for services. At the same time, keeping 3G in the 900 MHz frequencies guarantees adequate network resources to serve customers who are still using this technology,” – assesses Petri Pehkonen, Board Member responsible for the Technology and Innovation area.

This does not mean, however, that T-Mobile will completely get rid of 3G-capable infrastructure. Currently, there are several dozen of such stations in the network, which T-Mobile has left due to special needs in selected locations. The technology itself is provided on bands with other frequencies, exactly at 900 MHz. The complete process of switching off 3G by the operator is planned for 2023.

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