T-Mobile builds partnerships with other industry leaders


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T-Mobile has entered into cooperation with Cinkciarz.pl, an online cantor. The fintech’s application will be pre-installed on Android phones and made available to new subscribers with the addition of a smartphone.

T-Mobile and Cinkciarz.pl establish cooperation

T-Mobile informed that it has established long-term cooperation with one of the largest Polish fintech companies – Cinkciarz.pl, an online cantor. The agreement between the partners was signed for an unlimited period of time. Cinkciarz.pl is a leader in the currency exchange industry on the Polish market, which is confirmed by over a million application downloads, which places the company on an equal footing with global competitors.

Thanks to the established partnership, T-Mobile customers, concluding a subscription agreement with an Android phone, will be able to use the Cinkciarz.pl application pre-installed on their smartphones, for money transfers.

By developing its own services and partnerships with other industry leaders, T-Mobile is committed to the careful selection of the highest quality products. Cooperation with Cinkciarz.pl perfectly complements T-Mobile’s offer, providing customers with a tool for quick and secure execution of money transfers in 30 countries.

Other applications pre-installed by T-Mobile include T-Mobile Banking, Naviexpert, Netflix, Tidal, Active Lock Screen, Storytel, Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

Popular applications as a chance to diversify the offer of mobile phones

Polish mobile networks are currently trying to diversify their portfolio of basic services, entering into strategic partnerships with leaders of other industries and offering their solutions to their clients. The applications of external providers are one of the segments with the greatest potential for generating additional profits on the side of mobile telephones. There are two options for additional income – it is either offering pre-installed applications on smartphones purchased from the operator in the subscription or mediating payments for services in the application using Direct Carrier Billing payments.

However, in the case of default installed applications on smartphones purchased in the operator channel, there is a problem of demand. Telephone subscribers often report their dissatisfaction with pre-installed applications, which in case of not using them only take up space in the memory of the device. Most often they cannot be uninstalled, or at most locked, which does not release the occupied memory area.

In PMR’s opinion, the direct billing payments offer shows a much greater potential for earnings on the part of mobile operators. The direct billing solution, together with the growing digital services market, is gradually gaining popularity. Payments through a mobile operator can be used to pay for, among others:

  • promotion of advertisements within ad portals (e.g. OLX, otodom, gratka.pl)
  • public transport and parking tickets
  • cyclical access to VOD channels or game services (Kinguin, Tacticsoft, Wargaming.net, Gameland)
  • access to online communities (e.g. dating sites)
  • educational materials and e-books.

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