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There is a certain conviction that programmers have a great life because they make a lot of money with little effort. Just Join IT’s work portal conducted a study in which he decided to show who a statistical programmer really is, while at the same time refuting some stereotypes of a technological geek.


For people not related to the IT industry, the work of a programmer is associated with boring, monotonous entering of codes. However, according to the Antibiotic Research conducted by Just Join IT, 76% of programmers themselves admit that their work is interesting. Another issue is that many of us believe that in order to become a programmer you need to have the specialist knowledge acquired over the years of learning in this profession. The results give a completely different picture. Three out of five programmers took their first steps with programming on their own (61%), and only 35% started their adventure with programming during their studies. Also for 44% of those surveyed in Poland programming is not only a job, but also an opportunity to develop by creating their own projects.

Overthrowing myths

The further part of the study concerned private issues. In public opinion there is a fairly common stereotype in which programmers are defined as people living with their parents. The reality is completely different. According to the survey, only 16% of IT employees live with their parents. Moreover, they are not lonely at all – as much as 42% declare that they want to have children in the future, and one in four (27%) would focus on the family if they did not have to make money. 57% of programmers treat programming solely as work, which they spend 6 to 8 hours a day on. They prefer to spend their free time watching movies and series (67%), and 43% regularly play sports.

“In our  Survey we decided to give a voice to IT employees to show how stereotypes are different from reality. The myth of introvertism that avoids contact with people has been disproved. Only 15% of programmers do not like team integration, and almost half (47%) of the best form for business integration indicates a trip, which suggests that they are open to new experiences. Being a programmer myself and managing an IT team, I can fully subscribe to this”. – comments Tomasz Gański, CTO Just Join IT.

Anti-study 2020 was conducted by Just Join IT recruitment portal on a group of 5 649 programmers.

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