Status of investments and implementations of 5G networks in the world


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Globally, more than 290 operators in 98 countries have already started to invest in 5G networks. By August this year, the 5G technology has been commercially implemented in 21 countries by 36 operators. The network launched in South Korea has the largest reach. On the other hand, the fastest 5G network in the world is available in the United States.

5G networks: investment roller coaster

Recently, one of the hottest topics on the global telecommunications market has been the growing number of investments in 5G networks and accelerated transformation of mobile networks to a new standard. By mid-2019, over 290 operators in 98 countries had already started investing in 5G networks. Most of them conducted technical verification and pre-commercial tests. In Europe alone, more than 100 operators in more than 41 countries invest in 5G networks.

Source: GSA, 2019

5G commercial network available in 21 countries with 36 operators

So far (beginning of August 2019), the commercial 5G network has been globally launched in 21 countries, including 8 European countries: the United States, Australia, Switzerland, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Lesotho, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay, Bahrain, the Maldives and the Philippines, Finland, Germany, Romania, Spain, Great Britain, Estonia, Monaco and Italy.

Source: GSA, 2019

The fastest 5G network is in the United States, the largest in Korea

Today, South Korea is the leader in the deployment of next-generation networks, with the largest reach. More than 2 million Koreans are already using 5G. In turn, OpenSignal data show that the United States has the fastest 5G network in the world.

Source: OpenSignal, 2019

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