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SoftwarePlant is a technology company whose flagship product is BigPicture. In a short time, the software, which is to perform tasks related to project management and also specialise PPM solutions, gained popularity among global corporations.

The beginnings of SoftwarePlant

SoftwarePlant is a few years old technology company founded by Tomasz Kucharski and Michal Niwinski, the current technical director. Over time, the team has grown to nearly 150 people, and global concerns such as Apple or Uber became their customers. Such a quick success was mainly due to the implementation of BigPicture software, which meets the expectations of managers in the scope of performing tasks related to project management and PPM (project portfolio management) solutions.

As a result SoftwarePlant found itself among the main application providers in Atlassian, an Australian software development company. Despite achieving greater efficiency in comparison to numerous developed IT companies, the Polish company does not stop and plans further development of its solution. This year it expects to expand its activities in more ecosystems, including Microsoft. In addition, the products will be outside the ecosystems, which will eliminate the need for integration with external companies.

Success abroad

Considering the company’s short internship, the interest of global concerns may seem surprising. However, it is not experience or origin, but product quality that plays the most important role. In addition to the dominance of software, SoftwarePlant as a European company, unlike its competitors from the USA, understands the needs of other European entities better, taking into account, among others, the area of ​​personal data protection. On the other hand, it is much more difficult to acquire a client from the USA, which is why SoftwarePlant is applying for SOC 2 Type1 certification.

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