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After the end of the pandemic, more than half of SMEs in Poland plan to increase their use of digital tools. This result is higher than the European average. On the other hand, almost one third of them have doubts about the positive effects of the planned investments.

Acting proactively during a pandemic

According to the analysis conducted by the Lewiatan Confederation, SMEs in Poland actively undertook actions related to the digitization of their businesses. During the pandemic, as many as 82% of them declared that they took actions related to increasing the use of digital tools. Interestingly, this result is 2 percentage points higher than the European average. Maksim Belitski, associate professor and lecturer in entrepreneurship and innovation at the University of Reading, also added that Polish small and medium-sized enterprises are more comfortable using new technologies than other European countries. In Poland the percentage was 66%, while in Europe it was 61%.

“Most companies believe there is no going back to the way things were in the past. The pandemic has removed many barriers that previously slowed down the digitization of business processes.” – added during a conference organized by the Lewiatan Confederation.

Uncertainty about positive outcomes

Changes will also follow the Covid-19 pandemic. More than half (52%) of small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland have announced that after the end of the current epidemic, they will introduce more technological solutions into their organizations. It is also a result higher than in other European countries (50%).

However, not all SMEs fully believe in the positive effects of the planned actions. Almost a third (31%) of the organizations surveyed confirmed their doubts about the return on investment from digital tools. This compares with a European average of 30%.

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