Smartphones are already used by 78% of users in Poland

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According to an analysis by the Public Opinion Research Center, 96% of Poles already use a cell phone, with smartphone users making up the vast majority. The purpose of using mobile devices is also changing. In addition to basic functions (e.g. calling, texting or using social networking sites), we increasingly use phones to listen to music as well as to watch videos.

Smartphone users are on the rise

The vast majority of cell phone users in Poland are smartphone users. In 2021, they account for 78% of all devices. The remaining 22% are classic phone users. Częstość występowania pierwszej grupy z roku na rok stale rośnie. Według CBOS od 2017 r. liczba użytkowników posiadających smartfony wzrosła o 21%. Do używania zarówno klasycznego telefonu komórkowego, jak i smartfona przyznało się wówczas 9% ankietowanych, a 8% deklarowało, że w ogóle nie korzysta z telefonu komórkowego.

The differences in mobile device usage are particularly apparent when broken down by age category. Smartphones are the domain of younger people, while in the over-65 group, they account for only a third (36%) of all devices. This divide is also evident when looking at the education of each group. The cell phone accounts for nearly half (47%) of devices among those with primary or lower secondary education, and 33% with basic vocational education. The smartphone, on the other hand, dominates among those with a high school education (81%) or higher (89%).

The phone is increasingly a tool for entertainment

Applications like Messenger, WhatsApp are becoming a common communication tool. In 2021, 58% of Poles admitted to having such an application and using it. We also often use features such as weather tracking (58%), maps and navigation (55%) and the calendar (52%).  Every second respondent sends and receives e-mails (51%), records videos (51%) and uses their social networking accounts (50%).

Smartphones are also increasingly used as entertainment tools, especially for listening to music and watching videos. 43% and 36% of respondents respectively admit to such activities. Another 29% of respondents use the function of connecting their phones with other devices (e.g. smartwatch, smart TV or car). 16% also use the government application mCitizen.

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