Smartphone market in a major crisis


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The biggest smartphone providers will suffer greatly from the current situation as deliveries have fallen to their lowest level in 7 years. Consumers are also deciding to buy cheaper models, or are completely resigning from buying a new device. The consequences of the coronovirus for the world of technology will be felt for a long time to come.

Q1 2020 with a 13% decrease

The report presented by Orange Polska for Q1 2020 shows that the Covid-19 pandemic is severely weakening the smartphone market. The largest manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi recorded a 13% drop in supplies to the European market, and this is only the beginning of the crisis. Looking at the Polish market, the telecommunications industry for the first quarter received 19% less revenue than in the previous year. The latest IDCs indicate that phone manufacturers introduced 4% less devices to their stores than a year ago (slightly more than 2 million units), and this is particularly reflected in high-end models. Also, the value of individual models is falling quite rapidly.

Xiaomi a new leader on the Polish market

According to IDC, the situation of the leading players on the Polish smartphone market has changed significantly. For the first time in history, Xiaomi company was at the top of this list, which has overtaken such brands as Samsung or Huawei. In the first quarter of 2020. 36.6% of smartphones in the hands of users are phones of Chinese manufacturer. Samsung is the definite loser of the beginning of this year. It was the products of the Korean distributor in the previous year that were the most popular devices, however, according to IDC Samsung, in the first quarter it fell by as much as two positions (behind Xiaomi and Huawei). Huawei also felt the decline in popularity of its smartphones, which is not only due to the current pandemic, but also numerous sanctions imposed by the American authorities.

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