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Skanska, one of the largest construction companies in Poland, has announced that it is migrating its IT resources to the cloud. The strategic partner is Polcom, an IT service provider and operator of two large data centers in the south of Poland.

Cloud = OPEX and scalability

In order to strengthen data security and at the same time reduce IT spending, the company decided to move its IT resources to cloud computing for Polkom. This is part of the concept of Skanska S.A., which assumes providing more and more effective solutions for business.

When selecting a cloud service provider, Skanska was guided primarily by the scalability of resources and the lack of need to purchase and service additional equipment, which in the future allows for effective optimization of capital expenditures. It was also important to change the model of resource and service management to one that is more in line with the contemporary business reality.

“We decided to move our resources to the cloud in order to be able to fully focus on the key elements from the business point of view, i.e. the services provided, rather than the maintenance of the infrastructure. This allows us to respond more efficiently to the changing needs of business and employees of the company. The future of Skanska’s IT resources is in the cloud, and the migration of infrastructure and a change in the way it is managed and maintained is the beginning of evolution.” – says Bartosz Sornat, IT Director at Skanska S.A.

Construction and industry more interested in cloud solutions

“In recent years we have observed a growing interest in cloud services among companies from the industrial and construction sectors. In the digital age, Polish and international organizations are increasingly choosing the cloud model because it gives them greater business flexibility and shifts the focus of IT project financing towards OPEX. We are glad that from now on, Skanska, one of the leaders of the construction and development industry in Poland and Europe, will also use such solutions.” – emphasizes Agnieszka Zielińska, Sales Director in Polcom.

Polcom is one of the leaders of the data center market

Polcom is one of the largest suppliers on the data center market in Poland, with two independent data centers near Krakow (Skawina and Alwernia). Representatives of Polcom emphasize that the investment in two separate data centers means new development opportunities for the company and addressing services to even more demanding customers. The distance of 24 km allows, on the one hand, for the data replication between the matrices to be synchronous, and on the other hand, both centres are so far away from each other that, if necessary, they can perform their functions to each other. The main advantages of such a solution for customers, in the opinion of the representatives of Polcom, are:

  • possibility of building a coherent policy for both centres
  • reducing the risks arising from the use of fully adapted facility infrastructure
  • Increased safety and proven effectiveness of procedural, infrastructure and system security systems.

Detailed financial and operational data of nearly 40 suppliers and parameters of their data centres can be found in the latest PMR report “Data centre market in Poland 2019. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2019-2024“.
Skanska S.A. belongs to the Skanska Group, one of the largest construction and development companies in the world. It employs about 38 thousand people in Europe and the United States, achieving consolidated revenues of €16bn in 2018.

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