Situation of IT employees during the pandemic


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Despite the pandemic, the remuneration of IT employees on the Polish market is still growing. The current situation does not have a negative impact on the number of job offers either, according to recent studies by ManpowerGroup and Hrlink and No Fluff Jobs analyses.

65% more job offers in IT

Covid-19 stimulates companies to act quickly in new ways and the resistance of systems is tested like never before. The first months of the pandemic had a strong impact on the Polish labor market. Many organizations from specific sectors have reduced the number of jobs in order to avoid the negative effects of the lockdown. According to a recent survey by ManpowerGroup and Hrlink, the situation in the IT industry looks completely different. Comparing the number of job offers from January-July 2020 to the same period of 2019, the number of jobs in the IT sector increased by 65%. The largest jump reaching 104% was recorded in the first quarter of 2020. According to the survey, the number of increased ads may be due to the use of more available communication channels, even though there are fewer recruits.

Nearly half of the employees (48%) from all surveyed industries are ready to change jobs during a pandemic, provided they receive higher salaries. 18% of respondents indicate better opportunities for professional development as a condition for change, and 7% indicate more interesting duties. The main reason to stay in the current job is financial. 46% of respondents declare that they will not give notice if the employer offers better financial conditions. For every tenth respondent it is also important to improve relations with the supervisor and atmosphere in the team.

Average salary is rising

According to No Fluff Jobs’ analysis of the average level of wages in the IT industry, during the pandemic the remuneration for B2B contract increased from 10 thousand PLN in 2019 to 12 thousand PLN in 2020. At that time, the median salary increased by 10% to 17.6 thousand PLN. In the case of employment contracts, the offered remuneration ranged from 8.9 to 13.2 thousand PLN gross and was several percent higher than in 2019.

The biggest increase in salaries during the pandemic was received by employees from the so-called “Mids”. In the previous year they could count on salaries of 8-13 thousand PLN, currently between 9 and 14 thousand PLN. The salary of employees with less experience, i.e. the so called “Juniors” is between 4 and 7 thousand PLN for B2B, and on the employment contract between 4 and 6.3 thousand PLN gross. Seniors are offered the highest salaries – from 15 to even 20 thousand PLN for B2B and 13-18 thousand PLN gross on employment contracts.

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