Sinersio Data Center with EN 50600 certification


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Sinersio and its facility have successfully passed the demanding EN 50600 certification process in the highest, fourth class. This is a distinction on a European scale. As the vendor itself points out, only a handful of cloud service providers can boast reliability and availability certification at the highest, fourth level. The document was developed by CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) and approved by the European Commission.

Highest safety standards

“Obtaining a certificate of the highest standard is a big deal for us. It proves that we are one of the two data centers in Poland with the highest level of security. We are among the European leaders and we are proud of it” says Tomasz Stępski, president of Sinersio.

EN 50600 certification for Sinersio Data Center ensures that the facility meets stringent criteria to ensure data security and service reliability, including the reliability of all three critical data center installations – power, cooling and transmission. The unique advantage of the certificate is the positive recommendation in seven areas covering management and infrastructure, including: building and zoning design, equipment, security of energy supply and distribution, use of physical and IT security, and high quality of operational information management. Each audited area contains approximately 40 audit points.

“The certificate confirms that we use the most modern solutions to ensure data security and proves the reliability of our services. The EN 50600 standard is recommended to subordinate institutions by the Financial Supervision Authority. This means that even the most serious financial institutions can use our services without worry” – explains Krzysztof Szczeciński, Chief Operating Officer of Sinersio Data Center.

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