Sinersio: bonus for workers vaccinated on COVID-19


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Sinersio has announced that each employee vaccinated against COVID-19 virus will receive a bonus of 500 PLN. This is the first initiative of this kind in Poland.

The most important thing is the good of the company

Sinersio, one of the leaders in the IT industry in Poland, has officially announced that each employee belonging to the company who decides to receive the vaccine will receive a bonus of 500 PLN. As it emphasizes, such actions are aimed solely at the good of the company and ensuring the safety of their clients.

“We all want the Polish society to deal with the coronavirus pandemic as soon as possible. By motivating our employees to receive the vaccine, we will contribute to a faster return to normality,” says – says Tomasz Stępski, President of Sinersio.

Voluntary decision

At the same time, the company notes that the decision to take the COVID-19 vaccination is an independent one and Sinersio does not wish to put pressure on employees in this way. The bonus is merely an incentive and a thank you for responsible behavior that can benefit the smooth operation of the entire organization.

“We own one of the most secure data center facilities in Poland. We store data of companies and institutions, and as you know – servers work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We cannot afford even the slightest interruption. Apart from that we sell other services. Each employee shutdown due to infection or quarantine increases the risk of limiting their availability to customers”. – adds Tomasz Stępski.

Sinersio Polska is an IT company which has one of the most modern data centre facilities in Poland – one of the two with the European EN50600 certificate, approved by the European Commission and recommended by the Financial Supervision Authority. The company offers solutions in the cloud (private and hybrid), applications for creating back-up copies of company data, advanced IT environments for ERP, CRM, BI and other systems as well as full IT outsourcing.

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