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This year Simens company presented for the first time a report from the survey on the degree of digitalization of manufacturing companies in Poland. The size of the company correlates with the approach to digital transformation.

6.5% of the budget for digitisation

Polish industrial companies received 1.9 points on a scale ranging from 1 to 4. Any score below two points indicates a relatively low level of digitisation and the need to introduce improvements towards digital transformation. However, not all companies have such problems. The largest organizations on the Polish market achieve results above 3.5 points, which, according to Simens, means that these entities are fulfilling the mission related to industry 4.0.

In terms of individual sectors, the highest score, as a whole, was given to the machinery sector (2.2 points), while the lowest score was given to the food industry (1.7 points). For 43% of organisations, financial aspects are the greatest barrier to the digital transformation of Polish industry. According to the survey, companies allocate 6.5% of their budgets to the digitisation process. The second biggest problem with the transformation is the lack of appropriate knowledge – 20% of organizations believe so.

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Process optimization

Polish industrial organizations point out that the main reason for digitalization is the optimization of business processes (36%), followed by the need to reduce production costs (35%), and the need for faster market launch (20%).

“The digitalization of industry, i.e. the creation of a new reality Industry 4.0 has become a fact. As the report “Digi Index 2020” shows, the awareness of gaining market advantage through digitalization is relatively high among producers in Poland. – adds Sebastian Lemieszek, Digital Transformation Advisor in Siemens Poland.

Simens’ survey was conducted on 100 production organizations in Poland with 50 to 249 employees. The survey was conducted in March 2020 and covered such industries as: food, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical and machinery.

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