LTE 450 network for the power sector


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Enea Obrót, PGE Dystrybucja and PGE Systemy signed a cooperation agreement on the construction of the LTE 450 network for the needs of the power system.

Successful test results

Successful LTE 450 test results allow you to plan your installation expansion. The solution tested in Poland, which involved many Polish suppliers of products and technical solutions as well as scientific centres, aroused great interest in the world, the Ministry of Energy reported.

“Smart grids guarantee not only the safety, efficiency and high efficiency of the operation of the national power system, but also enable to meet the challenges facing modern power engineering today. – said Krzysztof Tchórzewski, Minister of Energy, quoted in the communiqué

“The fight for cleaner air is a huge a challenge for the national electricity system, in which its In addition to conventional power stations, more and more power stations must also find their place in the future. more numerous small local and renewable energy sources. Dissemination such sources as citizen’s micro installations of RES (prosumers), or RES sources for small and medium sized subsistence needs entrepreneurs and farmers will not be possible without automation of the network energy”. – added Tchórzewski.

Benefits from investment in smart grids

Smart grids control and react on an ongoing basis to the activities of all the connected entities – generators, consumers and network operators. Thanks to them, energy coming from various sources, including RES, can be directed where it is needed, failures can be located and repaired faster, and the whole system can be balancing more effectively to ensure effective use of available capacities. It will translate into improvement of Poland’s energy security and more reliable energy supplies for consumers, who, on the other hand, will have access to information on their actual energy consumption and the fees calculated according to it, have been summarized.

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