Security is a key factor in implementing cloud solutions


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According to a study commissioned by Aruba Cloud, data security is the main factor in attracting Polish entrepreneurs to the cloud. More than one third of companies in Poland still have internal regulations preventing data transfer to the cloud.

What counts are certificates…

The survey* of ARC Market and Opinion commissioned by Aruba Cloud shows that 67% of large and medium enterprises in Poland still do not use the cloud function in their organizations. What is worrying is that 34% of companies still have internal regulations that prevent data transfer to external entities. Enterprises in Poland are also characterized by low trust – 27% of entities do not trust this type of institutions. In turn, nearly a quarter of companies believe that they do not need cloud solutions in their organizations.

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Medium and large companies in Poland, when deciding to use cloud services, pay special attention to three factors; certificates, costs and quality of service. For more than 37% of organizations, having the right certificates guaranteeing security is a key factor in choosing a specific cloud provider. The same result in the study was achieved by the cost of service. The third position (14%) was taken by service quality/reliability.

… and location

Apart from the security itself, the country of origin of the cloud solution provider is also important. 44% of companies in Poland want the data center to be under the jurisdiction of the European Union.  This is due to frequent differences in the legal regulations in force in particular regions of the world (e.g. CODE).

Over 10% also believe that local cloud providers guarantee better tailored offers for the company and 8% want to support EU providers.

Nearly 30% of companies are afraid that unauthorized entities such as special services or entities connected with economic espionage will have access to their data. In turn, 16% of companies fear that the provider may use private data without the organization’s knowledge.

*The survey was conducted in January and February this year on a sample of 654 medium and large companies based in Poland, the Czech Republic or Hungary.

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