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The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted our daily lives and, consequently, the working lives of most Poles. According to the latest analysis by Devire and, professionals on the job market have also reacted to this exceptional situation, increasingly choosing to work in the IT sector.

The impact of a pandemic on decision making

The area related to new technologies attracted the most new employees last year. The research conducted by Devire and shows that out of almost 200 thousand people who changed their jobs in the previous year, the vast majority chose the IT industry. What is worth emphasizing, many of them moved there from quite different sectors.

As the authors of the study point out, employees specializing in modern technologies and IT services received as many as 9.8 thousand such proposals. (by 2.4% compared to 2019). Among this group, offers for computer software experts stand out, for which 2.1 thousand announcements appeared in the previous year, 2.6% more than in 2019.

Number of specialists in particular fields on the Polish labour market, 2020

Industry Specialists Growth in 1 year Job publications Womem Men The gender diversity gap
Information Technology and Services 180830 2.40% 9778 34.00% 66.00% 32.00%
Building 107345 0.60% 836 27.00% 73.00% 46.00%
Financial services 76664 2.80% 2421 50.00% 50.00% 0%
Automotive 75251 -0.50% 670 30.00% 70.00% 40.00%
Banking 72975 0.10% 859 54.00% 46.00% 8.00%
Computer software 68817 2.60% 2136 27.00% 73.00% 46.00%
Retail sales 65857 0.80% 1451 55.00% 45.00% 10.00%
Internet 64687 2.70% 1858 38.00% 62.00% 24.00%
Marketing and advertising 62646 0.80% 1470 52.00% 48.00% 4.00%
Higher education 57956 0.60% 441 52.00% 48.00% 4.00%

Source: i Devire, 2021

Trends for 2021

According to, employers will be looking for experts mainly in the areas of CRM, marketing automation, automation, and digital and CRM data analytics. In the past few months alone, as many as 90% of industry candidates said they were invited to participate in these types of recruitments.

“Employees have also proven that they can perform their duties remotely. This has happened even in industries where until recently working at home office was an exceptional privilege. In others, such as IT, where remote work was only an option, it has become almost a norm,” sums up Magdalena Rogóż from

The survey was conducted by Devire in partnership with in the second half of December 2020 on a group of nearly 2.9 million people registered on Linkedin. Among them, 194,000 were selected who declared that they had changed jobs within the last year.

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