SAP and the National Cloud start cooperation


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SAP has established cooperation with the National Cloud Operator (OChK), thanks to which SAP system users will be able to use the cloud infrastructure provided by OChK. On the other hand, domestic cloud clients will be able to expand their portfolio with solutions provided by SAP.

Another partner

SAP is one of the world’s largest companies dealing with business software in the cloud. Its revenues in 2019 from cloud services amounted to more than 7 billion euros and were 40% higher than in 2018. Thanks to the agreement with the National Cloud Operator (OChK), SAP system users will be able to use the infrastructure offered by OChK. The National Cloud will also expand its portfolio with SAP solutions.

Operator Chmury Krajowej is a company established two years ago by PKO BP and the Polish Development Foundation. Currently it is the most specialized provider of cloud solutions on the Polish market. It operates in multi-cloud mode, providing its own platform and cloud services from global providers. OChK systematically develops cooperation with the largest cloud providers in our region. At the end of September the National Cloud Operator established a strategic technological partnership with Google, in which, in addition to the inclusion of the company’s cloud solutions, Google has committed itself to opening the so-called Google Cloud region in Warsaw. OChK is also Microsoft’s partner in the #poland-digital-valley

Opportunity to grow

,,Only 4% of Polish companies do not plan to use the cloud, which is a real and fundamental change on the market. During the recent SAP Digital Forum, our customers proved that cloud computing solutions are crucial for their businesses, help to create better customer experiences and use technologies such as Big Data or Artificial Intelligence,” concluded Thomas Duschek, President and CEO of SAP Poland.

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