Rostelecom opens data centre next to nuclear power plant


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Rostelecom has launched its own data center located next to a nuclear power plant. This is another step aimed at strengthening the leadership position of the Russian data center market after the acquisition of DataLine.

Commercial launch of phase I of the project

Rostelecom, the largest telecommunications operator in Russia, has officially announced that its subsidiary Rostelecom Data Centres (RTK-DC) has launched the commercial operation of the Udomlya data center located next to the Rosenergoatom Kalinskaya nuclear power plant.

According to the information on the operator’s website, the space currently in operation allows the installation of 820 racks in two server rooms. The available capacity of the facility is 13.3 MW. Ultimately, in 2021, the plant will be able to collocate 4,800 rack cabinets and the total power allocation of the data centre will be 48 MW. It will be the largest data centre in Russia. 800 racks will be used by Rosenergoatom for their own needs, while the remaining 4,000 will be commercialized by Rostelecom.

Largest data centre in Russia

The Rostelecom data centre at the Kalinskaya nuclear power plant is the largest ongoing project in Russia and one of the largest in Europe. The first phase of construction includes three buildings dedicated to infrastructure, with another building dedicated to offices. The total area of each building is 11,500 m2. The construction of the data centre at the Kalinskaya nuclear power plant was undertaken as a joint project between Rostelecom and Rosenergoatom in 2015. A 30-year lease agreement was signed.

“Udomlya DC is the most ambitious project in our strategy to create a nationwide network of geographically dispersed data centers. The cooperation with Rosenergoatom allowed us to create a unique facility in terms of security, scale and electricity tariffs. The demand for cloud services is growing rapidly: Rostelecom’s revenues from data center services are growing by 30% year on year. The largest data center in Russia will enable us to meet the growing demand from public and corporate customers, while offering attractive market rates,” summarizes Pavel Kaplunov, Vice President of Cloud Services at Rostelecom.

Rostelecom’s market leader after acquisition of DataLine

Rostelecom is currently the market leader in the data center market in Russia and is consistently strengthening its position. In the first quarter of 2019, the operator obtained the approval of the antitrust authority for the acquisition of DataLine, the then leader of the local data center market. DataLine manages 8 data centers in Moscow, with an accumulated area of 22,800 m2 (4,800 racks) and a total capacity of 48 MW. DataLine services are used by over 800 entities, including the largest banks and financial institutions. Thanks to the acquisition of DataLine, Rostelecom’s share in the market of data center services in Russia increased to 25-30% (depending on the assessment criterion taken over). 

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