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Rossmann has decided to purchase a license from the National Cloud, thanks to which several thousand drugstore employees in Poland will have access to Microsoft 365 solutions. The chain is considering further actions related to IT in the cloud model.

Microsoft 365 License

The Rossmann drugstore is one of the biggest cosmetic chains in the region, which currently conducts sales on European and Asian markets. It has existed in Poland since 1993 and currently has over 1500 chemist supermarkets in which it employs about 18 thousand workers. As a result of further development of the company, Rossmann has decided to buy a license from Krajowa Chmura. This is the first example where a Polish branch of a multinational corporation has made such an agreement with a local partner.

According to Piotr Kiszkiel, CIO at Rossmann, the move towards cloud solutions is a natural step connected with the dynamic development of the network. New tools will find particular use in the case of employees who work from multiple locations in ever larger teams. As he emphasizes, the solutions used so far made such work impossible, and the Microsoft 365 package will provide a reliable platform for communication and cooperation, which will support many processes in the organization. The package includes, among others, Word word processor, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint multimedia presentation program and Microsoft Teams teamwork tool.

Rossmann considers further steps in cloud computing model

Microsoft 365 has the advantage of running in the cloud. This means that the customer’s IT team does not have to deal with the issue of platform performance and capacity. The provider’s resources can be flexibly adjusted to the number of users. The issues of data security and less used disk space are also important.

Rossmann is a company strongly focused on the customer and his purchasing experience. Today, this means the use of digital tools, which is why we pay great attention to solutions in the field of marketing or artificial intelligence and the value that they can give our clients “- comments Piotr Kiszkiel. The Rossmann press release also contains information about further plans to use IT solutions in the cloud computing model.

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