Roman Młodkowski Director of Strategy and Communication at OChK

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Roman Młodkowski took the position of Strategy and Communication Director in the National Cloud Operator, a company owned by the Polish Development Fund and PKO Bank Polski.

Working on the strategy and communication of the company

In mid-April, the Operator Chmury Krajowej (OChK) started to provide services for its first customer, PKO Bank Polski. At this stage, the bank is using the Chmura Krajowa services in the scope of outsourcing of the test environment based on the IaaS model. Other technological partners are also known.

Roman Młodkowski will take care of organizing and completing works on the company’s business strategy. His duties also include external and internal communication of the company.

For many years in TVN

Roman Młodkowski was recently associated with the consulting company New Story. Prior to that, for two years he worked in the Onet-RAS Polska Group, successively as the director of the business and finance department and program director of the Polish edition of “Forbes”. From 1997 to 2013 Roman Młodkowski worked in the TVN Group. Initially he ran “Facts”, then he managed the business editorial office of TVN24, and then TVN CNBC channel. He also hosted several programs, including “Facts People Money”.

Roman Młodkowski has also won many awards, including Kisiel, Fikus and Grand Press (2006). He is a graduate of Advanced Management Program IESE Business School and Political Science at the University of Warsaw. Author of numerous, award-winning television formats, including the popular for many years magazine “Firma”.

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