Robert Lewandowski enters the gaming market with his own studio RL9Sport Games


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Robert Lewandowski and the Playway Group, which specialise in creating simulators, announced the partnership – RL9Sport Games. The new business’s speciality is sport production and the debut game – Football Coach the Game, will launch in 2022.

LR9Sport Games

Robert Lewandowski recognises potential in the gaming industry, and has decided to establish a new company in the Polish GameDev – LR9Sport Games, in cooperation with PlayWay studio. The chairman of the company will be Rafal Cymerman, who decided to work on game production once again, after he created the first Polish manager – Liga Polska Manager 95, in 1995. Whereas Lewandowski will act not only as a co-owner, but also as substantive support.

The founding of the company is not the first Lewandowski’s exposure to the game market. This year the footballer became the stockholder of the Movie Games company, where he will also share his substantive knowledge.

Football Coach the Game is more than just tactics and training

The debut production of the newly established partnership is Football Coach the Game, which is planned to launch in 2022. Initially the football trainer simulator will be available on mobile devices and PC and later there will be a version dedicated to consoles.

As Lewandowski emphasises, the game will offer the gamers more than just experience in conducting training and planning tactics. The important element of the product will be the psychological aspect – the users will manage relationships with players as well team climate even aside from the game matches.

The main aim of the production is to provide for the possibility of creating own teams by gamers around the world. Thanks to the online gameplay style, it will be easier to compete and play matches in real time. Ultimately, the game will be similar to Top Eleven, which is now recognized by 200 million users.

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